Life off the social security grid has its ups and its down.

Every time I made any major change in my life it one way or the other has meant a change in my financial situation one way or the other. Sometimes in plain cash and other times in security or risks.

The fact that I am not alone and so to speak travel with children makes it all less romantic and a big reality checker.

So in my new chapter of my life – without the safety net of any type of parental or family security to return home to if things get rough – the first thing to reinvent is my economy.

How badly do I want certain responsibilities? How bad to I want or need certain things? How bad do I want security? How bad do I want my children to have, do or experience particular things?

So here we go – my bad wish list:

  • I want to feel at peace with people around me
  • I want it to be stress free (also from a health perspective)
  • I want to feel supported and have some sort of safety.
  • I want to be able to leave a situation that is not agreeing with me if need be.
  • I want to feed my soul not killing it.
  • I want my children to be able to go to whatever school they want and to learn from whatever teacher they seek.
  • I want for all of us to afford books, education and learning in whatever forms.
  • I want a strong antenna and a good phone and internet.
  • I want to help where I can without thinking about it twice.
  • I want to have, maintain and keep my animals.
  • I want to eat and exercise whatever I set my mind to even if it means I have to order it or go somewhere.
  • I want to go through life being creative and joyful in all my doings.
  • I want to sleep well, safe and at peace every day.
  • I want it to be something there in regards of financial safety for my children and animals when I would leave this earth.
  • I want my animals to be mobile and have access to transport.

This is what my soul urges for – badly – right now. So let’s explore and get to it.

330 signals to go.

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