Today I have participated in a think tank challenge (hope that is the right word to call it) with +Acumen. Since this is really something that I want to do in the future it was very exciting.

Slightly over 350 people from around the world working all at the same time working on a specific company’s obstacle. Everything from coming together as a team, collect facts and data on the real situation, brainstorm and produce a prototype on a number of possible solution. All within the frame of 2h work using 3 types of sharing software getting it all together.

Despite that I had some minor anxiety issue halfway through that my internet wouldn’t cope  it was over all good. Direct, fast and efficient. No time to think and argue. Just right on and go, go, go. I liked that.

To be working both drawing software as well as by hand was also good. Grounded the ideas.

I received a lot of positive feedback, which was nice. I am spontaneously good at these things – why I never turned them into my work I don’t know. As if it too easy and then I could never charge anyone. Think I have to rethink this now.

For now it was just good to go out there , get busy and do something.

Finding my way.

324 signals home.


Image courtesy to Sira Amanwong at