I think I first heard about gratitude journaling on Oprah. Sounded a bit too hunky dory and don’t-they-have-anything-else-to-think-about? So naturally I kept too busy to do it.

Second wave came with The Secret books. I actually did the exercises, but again it didn’t really stayed with me. Start-stop-syndrome.

Third time was with Rhonda Britten – she advocates taking it a bit deeper than just listing things, to actually write out the whole scenario or scenery in such a way, that if you look back into your journals years from now, you should be able to recall the exact memory.

This did help a bit. I stayed on it for ca 10 months – 5 every day.

Then I read the book by T Harv Eker and doubled it to 10.

Yet it started to feel random again.

Then something didn’t happen and I couldn’t write how grateful I was about it as I had planned.

Somewhere along the lines of understanding myself and understanding co-dependency patterns it does have sank in that controlling out comes is a less good habit. As well as things happen when we are ready, universe has our back etc.

So for whatever reason I started to write the good things it was or could be that this thing hadn’t happen. And then it worked. It just came bubbling up and I almost over-whelmed myself with emotion.

It not just worked for deepening gratitude, but it also turned negative thinking and expectations into something positive, so positive in fact I could dwell in the feeling of good rather than bad.

That was a first and I liked it. Maybe it will get old too one day, but for now it does the job very well.

Do you have any De Luxe versions of gratitude yourself? Please share with me 🙂

316 signals to go. Good steps.

Image courtesy to Thank You1 at www.freedigitalphotos.net