[BOOK REVIEW 2016/1] The Girl In The Spider’s Web by David Lagerkrantz

…what is right and wrong and to which extent would you compromise yourself – or not – for the sake of it?


I have always liked the 2 main characters of journalist Mikael Blomkvist and hacker genius Lisbeth Salander, so this was of course a joyful experience again.

I love recognizing my childhood’s Stockholm and many of their working environments.

What is intriguing and keeps me hooked I think is the general questions of what is right and wrong and to which extent would you compromise yourself – or not – for the sake of it? Typical its original plot also this story weaves in fine portraits of supporting characters and their struggles and development as human beings. Love, dignity, justice, civil courage, intelligence – all backed by the scenarios of a society getting more and more desperate to keep itself alive despite all its injustice, corruption, lack of moral and ethics and the constant chase to do or be something good before falling victims for evil in everybody that they all have a price in money anyone can buy.

Maybe that is why we like this Lisbeth despite all her anti-social behaviours – to rise despite all and to follow her inner compass no matter what – isn’t that what we all want in the end?

I could make this review all about NSA, data handling and insider trading, but I think it would be boring – we know it is out there and we in this matter have chosen to read a fictional book rather than do something about it ourselves – so let’s not dwell there.

So here are my questions to myself:

Enjoyable? Yes, barely put it down. Read all next to 500 pages in one go.

Any take-aways?

  • Learned about autism and intelligence in new manners.
  • Reflected over the fact that Lisbeth actually prepares for all eventualities, skills, long before knowing when or if she needs them…
  • A profession or task performed with mastery speaks for itself.
  • Infatuation can be dangerous.
  • Everything has a prize – also standing up for what is right.
  • Inspirational concept to take someone else’s creation and run with it and make it even deeper.

Recommendable? Definitely, good story, characters that develop and heaven for any person with hidden nerdiness 😉

Worth having a hard copy? Yep – if you’re a big reader this may for sure be one that you may consider reading more than once or give away as a gift.

Rating? 3.7/5 primarily due to that the English translation takes away some of the linguistic edge.