[FILM REVIEW 2022/1] Along for the ride

Review of the movie Along for the Ride directed by Sofia Alvarez.

This movie is an adoption of the book Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen. The story captures the two sleepless young adults, Auden and Eli, meeting and going on nightly quests, making new life experiences, in the small beach town of Colby.

This is a story where bikes – who teaches us, who rides with us, how many times we get back up again, its sense of freedom, being bold, and the return to doing something we love – play a big part. More than anything else this is a story about friendship and how they develop and grow.

Though this on the surface would seem like a yet-again-teenage-drama it is delicately balanced to capture a wider more mature audience. The screenwriter and director debutant Sofia Alvarez takes not one but all the characters through minor and big ah moments about life. Done in a gentle and realistic manner this makes the movie as a whole a gem in the feelgood genre.

This is a punchline-free drama that builds and relies on its characters rather than fast laughs and cheap stereotyping. Everyone experiences fear around certain things and everyone can laugh at themselves from time to time. The main characters are well performed by Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli. The overall very even and suttle played crew shines by its supporting roles by Andie MacDowell, Kate Bosworth, and Dermot Mulroney.


Enjoyable? Very – you leave with a warm feeling and a smile on your face.

Takeaways? For sure. For me personally, it was how to let friendship lead the way and the importance of daring, again and again, all throughout life.

Artistic input? Good. everyone is a bit flawed and everyone tries to deal with it the best they can. Well acted all over the line.

Recommendable? Yes, this is a gem for anyone into feel-good drama or gentle romance movies.

Worth having at home? This is a Netflix production and functions well there. Films like this make the membership worth it.

Rating? In its genre a good 4 or even 4,5.

[FILM REVIEW 2016/2]Bad Moms

Girls-turned-moms comedy with Mila Kunis heading up the lead supported by Katrin Hahn, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate. Directed by Jon Lucas and Scott More….

Image result for free pictures bad momsBad Moms is a girls-turned-moms comedy with Mila Kunis heading up the lead supported by Katrin Hahn, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate. Directed by Jon Lucas and Scott More.

Watched it with and without my daughter. She loved all the crazy moments and couldn’t wait for the next scene. We give that point to the director to, Hollywood despite, managed to make it feel like this could have been any mother and any girl or boy.

The ensemble is keeping a good tempo and timing keeping the comedy at peek all through the film. Sometimes the incidents take some really deep dives that are too easily ignored and had rather been left out – but then I am not American.

To through in the towel and not keep up with all expectations is probably a hidden dream for many women. Being a mom has become equal to put up some sign that it is ok to judge you – this stands also for the none Americans 😉 Kunis does a splendid job keeping her character real in a life that seems more and more absurd.

Appelgate does her blond bitch good as usual, but it would be interesting if somebody could trust her with a role that uses her whole register.Bell and Hahn are hilarious and hats off for keeping it all through.

This is a movie where they worked so hard on keeping the punchlines and ideas up they put 2 into 1, which has left it with a few too many loose ends and confusing complications – however since they last so short time before you realize it everybody moved on to the next thing.


Enjoyable? Yep – we had some really good laughs to this one.

Takeaways? Yes, surprisingly many for being a light weight movie. You can read about my favorite scene here.

Artistic input? Smooth and nothing outstanding.

Recommendable? If you want a good laugh at yourself, with your girl-friends or your kids – this one is a sure period of laughter.

Worth having at home? Best enjoyed in good company or at the cinema if possible.

Rating? An ambitious 3.5 due to an overambitious script but thumbs up for all the girls!


[FILM REVIEW 2016/1] I am not your guru

If you stay in your head you’re dead – get it out and…

This documentary carries the same high dynamite type of energy as Anthony Robbins himself. His energy is world known, but I think this slightly deeper capture of his enormous care and compassion is breath taking. To care that deeply, to engage that deeply and to dedicate a whole life to dig that deep is plain beautiful.

It is an excellent behind-the-scenes capturing of something that otherwise could come across very twisted for an outsider.  I think the fine way his team has captured particularly people’s faces is what tells the story more than the words themselves. The body languages of everybody involved speaks for itself and is deeper and stronger than any actor could put up.

The movie captures the extreme highs of American culture energy wise that I think can be off-putting for other cultures sometimes. That said I think the world is craving it. We all crave to express ourselves that big, that loud, that together, that authentic – simply living life expressing our feelings.

The title I Am Not Your Guru I think is Mr Robbins’ message to the world on a dot – don’t be me -be YOU and own it!

My questions:

Enjoyable? Yes, once you start watching you want to see the end.

Any take-away? For certain and more than I can write here, but to mention a few:

  • We are all love – that is how we have survived hard times – so no need to doubt or think we have run out of it.
  • People with self-destructive behavior hates themselves to far higher levels than we would ever come up to.
  • Blame flat out, but also give credit where is due – the “bad” people in our lives are our biggest sources why we are the people we are and have this urge to be something bigger and better.
  • If you stay in your head you’re dead – get it out and get moving – in all senses of the word!

And a gazillion other things 🙂

Artistic input? The film-making is next to flawless and these subjects are not easy to capture without it looking like a cliche circus – he has done the balance act to the point. Possibly developing the technical artistry would be Joe Berlinger’s next step – lift documentary as a form into new levels?

As for Mr Robbins he is a work of art on legs – so enough said 😉

Recommendable? Definitely – but you have to be open for the message to really stay with it and take it in.

Worth having at home? For the AR community and probably the whole self-help industry this will become a must-see film. For those checking it out I think it will be one of the most watched streams online.

Rating? 4.5 for a documentary in a very niched industry.

BONUS: If you like Anthony Robbins you can also see one of his best interviews (I think) here on MarieTV.

Image courtesy to Jason In Hollywood Blog