[FILM REVIEW 2022/1] Along for the ride

Review of the movie Along for the Ride directed by Sofia Alvarez.

This movie is an adoption of the book Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen. The story captures the two sleepless young adults, Auden and Eli, meeting and going on nightly quests, making new life experiences, in the small beach town of Colby.

This is a story where bikes – who teaches us, who rides with us, how many times we get back up again, its sense of freedom, being bold, and the return to doing something we love – play a big part. More than anything else this is a story about friendship and how they develop and grow.

Though this on the surface would seem like a yet-again-teenage-drama it is delicately balanced to capture a wider more mature audience. The screenwriter and director debutant Sofia Alvarez takes not one but all the characters through minor and big ah moments about life. Done in a gentle and realistic manner this makes the movie as a whole a gem in the feelgood genre.

This is a punchline-free drama that builds and relies on its characters rather than fast laughs and cheap stereotyping. Everyone experiences fear around certain things and everyone can laugh at themselves from time to time. The main characters are well performed by Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli. The overall very even and suttle played crew shines by its supporting roles by Andie MacDowell, Kate Bosworth, and Dermot Mulroney.


Enjoyable? Very – you leave with a warm feeling and a smile on your face.

Takeaways? For sure. For me personally, it was how to let friendship lead the way and the importance of daring, again and again, all throughout life.

Artistic input? Good. everyone is a bit flawed and everyone tries to deal with it the best they can. Well acted all over the line.

Recommendable? Yes, this is a gem for anyone into feel-good drama or gentle romance movies.

Worth having at home? This is a Netflix production and functions well there. Films like this make the membership worth it.

Rating? In its genre a good 4 or even 4,5.