If you found me on this page, you may or may not been following my work here for a while. You would then know, that it is with a big effort I have been restructuring all my work and how it is done from ground up. This means that for the time of being I am answering and handling all requests personally. It also means that my working hours are those only of one person and every thing is scheduled carefully.

This is what I can do for you:

WRITING – upon request I write articles, blog posts, reviews, interviews and case studies. On project basis I also write scripts for digital film and video.

Themes I write on:

HEALTH (mental health, recovery, diet, joy, creativity, daily spirituality, healing with creativity and animals, cancer, love)

MONEY (business, poverty, social entrepreneurship, finance, funding, credits)

HORSES (equestrian sport, alternative medicine, horses and spirituality)

To request a quote please fill in the contact form and I will reply back to you with quotes and what is on special offer this period!

Please specify type of work you would be looking for, specific deadlines, type of text etc. The more details the faster and more exact I can confirm back to you. Many thanks in advance for contacting me!