So from today I am trying out Bloglovin’, which is a site where people who love to read and follow blogs, can search and follow blogs they like. It is sort of similar to Pinterest, but with blogs.

One big large collage of blogs.

So how did you find this place? I have seen its logo on a few blogs, that I already follow by myself and really like. (I always check for things and links etc and try to understand how things work or the strategy behind a site and how they get clients or simply just share).

What did you do next? I signed up the sight and followed it for about a month, just as a reader. This way I got a bit deeper insight to what was actually on there and I also could see how people’s post were presented to other members.

How did you add your blog? It is a very simple procedure; in their top menu they have an option to [add blog]. You can add either your own or someone else’s blog that you like. Within a minute the link is verified (note this could be due to I am on WP – so I can’t tell if you’re using another platform). Once it is up you simply look yourself up and [claim it]. This gives you a back link code to paste somewhere on your own blog, so their search functions can find it.That link will look like this:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

 After this you can add you Twitter or Facebook links and get your own Bloglovin’ button. WP is not supported yet with a plugin, so I improvised and used an image of their logo and added my link on their website to it.

Now I will wait 45 days to evaluate. Happy blogging!